Our values

  • Passion

    We at Cash Converters are passionate about our business. We seek to succeed and to grow and develop our business and our brand equity. Our passion underpins a desire to initiate new ideas and concepts within our business, looking for new ways to meet needs and identifying market opportunities and gaps. We seek to develop a culture that is passionate about success – about our business succeeding, and about our people reaching their personal goals. We have pride in our business.

  • Professionalism

    We are a highly professional store network. Our professionalism is spread across all areas of our business – from the most highly visible (good customer service) to the robust systems and processes that support our approach to business. We have a philosophy of continual improvement and strive to make all areas of our operation highly effective. We seek to equip people with appropriate skills and to empower them to take responsibility within their role at Cash Converters.

  • Integrity

    We adhere to moral principles, and operate in an honest and ethical manner. Integrity provides the absolute basis of our culture. Integrity is a personal attribute that should sit at the heart of our approach to business. It also supports a long-term perspective and view for Cash Converters to lead in its respective markets. As a business, our integrity encompasses a socially responsible philosophy and this legitimatises our business and it’s services in the minds of not only those who use it, but those who don’t and may judge it.

  • Respect

    We at Cash Converters treat people with genuine respect and foster a respectful culture. We respect people’s needs and their circumstances – we are non-judgmental. We respect people’s opinions and viewpoints and we speak their language.

  • Collaboration

    We desire to be collaborative in our culture, and recognise the strengths and advantages of a unified approach to our business. Collaboration and communication internally, across all areas of Cash Converters, will enable us to develop the best practices and to learn from our successes and challenges. Collaboration and communication externally, with local communities and government, reinforces the positive nature of our services. Collaborations and a partnership philosophy that supports a win-win approach.

Franchise support

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