Cash Converters Sell

How To Sell

Is your home bursting at the seams with things you don’t need? Unload all your unwanted items on us and get cash for them instead.

Don’t waste your time (and up your security risk) by trying to sell online. Simply bring your pre-loved items to your nearest Cashies store – it’s the most convenient and safest way to convert those items into cash.

If it’s pre-loved and in working condition, we’ll buy it.

We buy just about anything – from phones to tablets and laptops; cameras, gaming consoles, jewellery, power tools, coffee machines, microwaves and more. Basically, any item you can think of.

Sell to us in just four simple steps:

  1. Visit a store with your pre-loved items

  2. We’ll test and evaluate them to make sure they are in working order

  3. We negotiate a price with you

  4. Get your cash, right there and then, in your hand or on your Cashies Card™

Top tips to get the best offer for your items:

  • Condition (the better the condition, the more cash we’ll offer)
  • Age (the newer the item, the higher our offer)
  • Appeal (the easier the items are to sell, the more we’ll offer)
  • Accessories (the original packaging, warranty and any certificates will increase our offer)

Things you need to sell pre-loved items to Cash Converters:

  1. You must be 18 years or older

  2. Proof of identity (one of the following):
    a) Green bar-coded ID (South African)
    b) Smartcard ID (South African)
    c) Driver’s licence (South African)
    d) Passport (Foreign or South African)