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6 Top Tips For Reading Management Accounts

There is a golden key that reveals the secret of whether your business will survive and thrive. It is not the brilliance of your business concept. It is not your talent for talking clients to sign on the dotted line. It is keeping tabs on the figures that summarise the strength of your business –

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Rating South Africa in the second-hand savvy stakes

South Africans are often accused of slavishly imitating international trends but, in fact, we adopt and adapt them with great ingenuity and individuality, says Richard Mukheibir, CEO of Cash Converters. Having just returned from a fact-finding tour of related businesses in Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom, he is more admiring than ever of the

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Five S-Words Make Your Store Site Pay For Itself

Richard Mukheibir, CEO of Cash Converters recently addressed delegates at the FASA (Franchise Association of SA) conference on the topic of choosing the best location for their business. He spoke about the 5-S technique to assist business owners with deciding which premises is best suited for their business. The combination of continuing trading uncertainty in

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6 Things You Need To Know About Profit And Cashflow

Despite having a B. Comm degree, I’m happy to admit that I don’t really like accounts. I much prefer strategies, management and business development. Fortunately, my co-founder and our Chief Financial Officer Peter Forshaw tirelessly keeps us on track financially – and his message to our franchisees is always that in your own business, you must understand

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The Market SA’s SMMEs Are Missing

Thinking global and acting local is not just about the environment or social concerns, says Cash Converters CEO Richard Mukheibir – it can be applied to building your business and ensuring that it is seen positively by the customers right on your doorstep. World SMME Day on 27 June reminds us that there is a

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Make Your Business A Good Neighbour

Is your business invisible to your customers? You may have fewer customers than you would like because your business does not seem relevant to those in your neighbourhood. This is an even bigger mistake than not being able to reach beyond your direct trading area. To appeal to people – customers – you should also

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