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Capri 7.5L HC802-SD1 Pressure Cooker

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Capri 7.5L Pressure Cooker

Model: HC802-SD1

Pressure cooking is an ideal way to create quick, flavourful meals. Included in this convenient electrical kitchen appliance, are various cooking functions to suit any of your cooking needs. Not only does the Capri 7.5L Electric Pressure Cooker allow you to cook a wide range of food, it also preserves nutrients and retains the taste of your meals. Designed with safety in mind, the pressure cooker is equipped with various safety measures.


Versatile: Easily prepare any recipe – whether it s slow cooked, steamed, sauteed or pressure cooked.
Time saving: Create delicious, home-cooked meals in under an hour.
Hassle-free: The non-stick cooking pot is easy to clean and dishwasher safe to make clean-up a breeze.
Trusted: The Capri 7.5L Electric Pressure Cooker is a leader in one-pot cooking.
Retain foods natural vitamins and nutrients that would typically be lost when you boil food.
Fast and energy efficient: all the energy used to create the heat is retained in the pressure cooker. Cooking time can be reduced by as much as 70%.
Requires far less water than traditional cooking methods.
Food retains its colour and flavour far longer than typical cooking methods, making the food taste and look better.
Heat is retained in a pressure cooker meaning your cooking environment will be more comfortable and your kitchen will be cooler as opposed to having multiple pots on a stove.
Extremely easy to clean: Only the pot requires cleaning, no spilling or extra mess.


Many functions to suit your needs that range from fast to slow cooking:
Pressure Cooking: The pre-set cooking functions make it easy to cook a variety of delicious dishes at the touch of a button. The manual pressure function makes it easy to customise a meal.
Slow cooking: Prepare your meal in the morning and come home to a hot, flavourful meal that is ready for you to eat at your convenience.
Brown/sear: Brown and sear meats to seal in the juices and retain flavour.
Steam: The steam function makes it easy to prepare fresh and nutritious fish and vegetables.
Saute: Easily saute vegetables. No stove top needed!
Boil and simmer: Use the boil function to create dishes like pasta, poached eggs or to thicken your sauce and cook food slowly while it simmers.
Locking air-tight lid: Stays sealed under pressure for total peace of mind.
Safe to Use: Notification will appear on the display screen if the inside of the cooking pot does not have enough liquid.
Time Selection Buttons: Sets your cooking time for how long you would like to cook your food for. This can be changed at any time during cooking.
Cooking Pot Markings: Inside the removeable cooking pot are markings to guide the fill level of the cooking pot.
Timer Delay setting: This allows you to delay when the cooking starts so it is ready when you want it to be.
Lid Locking Mechanism: Pressure does not build up unless the lid and steam release valve is correctly sealed.
Cooking Guide for different food types: Available in the user manual.

Comes equipped with a steaming rack.

Comes with 6 month guarantee

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No guarantee on marked down items.

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