It is always a good idea to buy things second-hand rather than new. At Cash Converters, we believe that you are making the right choice when buying second-hand jewellery from us for these very reasons:

1. Bargain prices
We all know that jewellery is not cheap. That’s why buying second-hand at Cash Converters is a good option if you don’t have the money for expensive new items. With us, you will be charged a considerable amount less than any jewellery store.

2. Rare vintage items
When looking for second-hand jewellery, this quest can be viewed as somewhat of a pursuit for treasures. You may be surprised by what you discover! There is a great possibility that you will find classic, vintage items as people tend to sell these at Cash Converters for money to buy newer jewellery.

3. Broad variety
It is very likely that you will find a large selection of items when shopping at Cash Converters as we have items that come from multiple different shops and brands. Therefore, it would save you from your time being wasted by looking through shops with limited selections and styles.

4. Non-demanding payments
It is an unfortunate feeling when you find something that you really would like to buy but you cannot afford. This is where Cash Converters comes in. At our stores, we give you the option of getting a loan from us, so you can buy the items you want immediately. We have lots of different and speedy ways of lending money, such as our Sunny Day PayDay loans and our Cash Advance loans (in which you borrow money by handing over your valuables). Check out our website for more details.

5. Full Authenticity
When shopping for jewellery such as necklaces, rings, earrings or bracelets at Cash Converters, there is no need for doubting their authenticity. Every item that is placed on our shelves is fully evaluated, tested and made sure that it is authentic and of good quality. You will be getting the best deal for your money when shopping with us.

6. Quality that you can trust

It is a common misbelief that finding second-hand items of value mean that they are of a lesser quality. At Cash Converters, it is our policy to examine, rebuff and evaluate the items thoroughly before putting them back on the market. We remove and mend signs of wear and tear like scratches and loose prongs. All the jewellery that we sell is of a quality that would definitely make you think twice about buying something brand-new.

7. Knowledgeable employees
At Cash Converters, our staff have a lot of knowledge when it comes to jewellery. You can put your trust in us concerning the range of our gold karats and the clarity of our diamonds. We will also be a great help to you in finding items that match what you are looking for and your budget.

8. Reducing your carbon footprint
If you are a person that chooses to live in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way, you should also consider buying jewellery from Cash Converters, as this will further lessen
your impact on the environment. By buying second-hand jewellery, you will lessen the demand for new jewellery to be made. This, in turn, will lessen the impact that mining for minerals causes on the environment.

9. Customization
If you enjoy creating your own designs and styles when it comes to jewellery, shopping at Cash Converters may also be to your benefit for this very reason. You may find small jewels and gemstones or bits of gold and silver that can be attached to other items through your own creative handiwork. You can find bargain deals on smaller pieces that would be more difficult to find brand new, and you can use these to create your own unique jewellery.