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Why we buy your unwanted household items of value

Imagine this; a home filled with duplicate household items of value – cell phones, laptops, TVs, microwaves, blenders, power tools and more – carefully tucked away in storerooms and cupboards for “just in case”. And now, hidden to your eyes – after all, “out of sight, out of mind”.

All these household items that gather dust in your home (because they haven’t been used in years) end up being donated or thrown out. The 32inch TV you replaced with a 52inch, the phones in your drawer from countless upgrades, or that kettle that no longer matches your colour scheme can be turned into cash in your hand – perfect for a rainy day, or an unexpected treat for the family.

We will buy these items from you, give you cash on the spot, and then clean and restore them to be sold on our retail floor. Although these items are no longer valuable to you, they have a place in someone else’s home!

Why do we do what we do?

  1. We provide an affordable and sustainable alternative to buying new items
  2. We offer people a smarter option to buying items they’ve always wanted – but at a price they like
  3. We offer people quality second-hand items across a range of brands
  4. We offer a convenient shopping experience from our new online store
  5. We see value in all our items and provide great deals to our retail customers.

We believe that second-hand isn’t second best, and ensure that the items in our stores look and feel as close to new as possible.

Our key speciality is that our items are certified high-quality products – this means that items such as laptops or cellphones are wiped clean of all previous data, tested, reset, and certified to like-new quality. We clean and polish all items that come into our store, ensuring our customers walk out with a shiny, ready-to-use item!

Increasingly, people are starting to realise that buying second-hand is a smart and sustainable alternative to shopping brand-new. Our friendly staff Can’t wait to meet you!

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