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Why choose Cash Converters: Part 3

You know from previous weeks’ articles that the Cash Converters business model is as close to recession resilient as possible; and that we have the lowest royalty structure in the franchising industry. This week we’ll be unpacking some of the ways in which we equip our franchisees to make their Cash Converters stores as successful as possible.

A support structure is one of the primary elements for a successful business to thrive. We at Cash Converters really understand this, and after over 25 years of building out our training model, we pride ourselves on the impact this has on our stores’ success. So; how are franchisees trained or supported?

We understand there is a lifecycle within our business framework, and that new franchisees require different support to franchisees who have been with our network for a longer period of time. We tailor our training to suit the various life stages of franchisees, and ensure the distance between head office and a store is no barrier to consistent, comprehensive training.

Our Cashies Training Academy offers one of the most comprehensive training programmes in the franchising industry. We curate a curriculum specific to franchisees and our store staff. We supplement our online training modules with specific workshops, which take place both online and in person. In addition to the theoretical elements of training, we supply assessments to supplement the classroom work, and we provide ongoing training within stores. Our operations teams are always available to discuss any questions or concerns and give our franchisees real-time advice.

Be sure to read part four next week where we breakdown the main characteristics of a Cash Converters franchisee.

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