Looking to increase the value of your property?

Gain a recognisable retail brand and increase foot traffic to your space. We’re always on the lookout for new spaces of between 250m² and 500m² to rent. We offer a modern, clean, and exciting international retail experience that adds value to any shopping precinct.

Cash Converters stores attract over 2 million shoppers annually. With a 15% increase in our number of stores in 2017, plans to open more stores annually, and a long term view on our Franchise Agreements, we have become a very desirable destination tenant to add to your offering. We are confident that our recent alignment with the international Cash Converters corporate identity and store design makes us an attractive option for landlords and customers alike.

Landlords, we’re looking for:

Convenient parking and security

Good accessibility, visibility and public transport

Good representation of national brands and retailers

Generous and spacious signage options