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Cash Converters has been famous for converting valuables into cash for over 30 years. And as the world changes, so do we.

As a company, we now convert cash payments into card ones, allowing easier, safer, and more convenient transactions, no matter which one of our stores you visit.

In partnership with VISA and FNB, we have created the Cashies™ Card, which we are rolling out at all our Cash Converters stores.

The card is linked to an e-wallet, allowing easy, cashless transacting. It eliminates the risks associated with carrying cash, and ensures you can transact safely, in the same way you would with a debit card.

There are numerous benefits to having a Cashies™ Card. You don’t need to carry around lots of cash, so your security risk is reduced, and the monetary value on the card never expires.

The best part? It’s a secure way for our customers to transact at our various Cash Converters stores.

For the user guide and fee information, click here.

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