Cash Advance

Get cash against your items, by converting the things you own into a loan.

  • Why a choose a payday Loan

    • It’s a safe and secure process
    • You walk out with cash
    • Simply bring us your items and we’ll loan you cash
    • We take most items – from phones to electronics, jewellery, power tools, microwaves and more
    • The loan complies with the National Credit Act, ensuring ethical and legal loan practices
  • Things you need for a cash advance loan

    1) You must be 18 years or older

    2) Proof of identity (one of the following):
    a) Driver’s license
    b) Smartcard ID (South African)
    c) Driver’s licence (South African)
    d) Passport (Foreign or South African)

    3) Items to loan cash against, such as phones, electronics, jewellery, laptops, TVs, power tools, microwaves and more
    a) Be the rightful owner of the items you want to loan against
    b) Ensure that items are wrapped and stored safely
    c) Understand that items will be returned once outstanding fees, VAT and the loan amount have been settled
  • How It Works

  • Visit
    Bring us your items, along with an original identity document
  • Chat
    We discuss your personal loan needs
  • Assess
    We test and evaluate items to ensure they are in working order
  • Offer
    We make you a cash offer
  • Get your cash
    Receive cash or request that funds are loaded onto a Cashies Card™
  • Repayment
    Total amount repayable is due on the same day of the next month
  • Return
    We return your items to you in the same condition as you brought them to us