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Why choose Cash Converters: Part 1

So, you’ve spent some time thinking about a career change, and after looking at the options available, decided that franchising is the right business approach for you. There are lots of franchise businesses out there; so we’re going to outline, in a four-part blog series, some reasons to put a Cash Converters franchise at the top of your consideration set. The reasons to choose this brand are compelling!

Cash Converters boasts over 30 years of success globally, and 26 years locally right here in Southern Africa. We have successfully combined three not-so-glamourous industries – buying and selling pre-loved goods and secured and unsecured money lending – under one professional roof. Take a walk into one of our stores and expect to be pleasantly surprised!

Our owner-operator franchisees invest in a tried-and-tested business model that is as close to recession-resilient as possible. This is more pertinent than ever as we weather the current COVID-19 crisis. Through both good and bad economic cycles, our franchisees have invested in the “recipe” to run profitable businesses year on year.

There are three individual revenue streams in a Cash Converters business, creating three different areas to generate income. These are:

– Buying and selling of pre-owned household items
– Secured money lending (loans against goods)
– Unsecured money lending (loans against a salary)

Franchising with Cash Converters is more than just a way to make money; it’s about becoming a pillar of the community. Our brand understands that it’s all about people – franchisees, staff, and customers. If you’re looking for a business that provides a sustainable business opportunity, adds value to your community, and brings different people and items through your doors daily – then speak to us today about opening your own Cash Converters store!

Be sure to read part two next week.

If you would like to know more information about joining the Cash Converters franchise, click here or contact Ilsé Murray at

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